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EVERGREEN, CO – State lawmakers, including Senator Tammy Story, D-Conifer, Representative Lisa Cutter, D-Littleton, and Representative Brianna Titone, D-Arvada, recently held a town hall and community discussion on election integrity at the Evergreen Fire Rescue. The event was also attended by Commissioners Lesley Dahlkemper and Andy Kerr as well as Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder George Stern. Colorado is known for its free and fair gold standard election system, yet Republican-driven election conspiracies in recent years continue to threaten and undermine our democracy. The town hall discussion served as an opportunity for community members to raise their concerns about the impact of these misconceptions as well as learn about the work the state legislature is doing to ensure our elections remain free and fair while continuing to strengthen our democracy. “As state legislators, we must do everything in our power to strengthen our democracy and make sure our elections remain free and fair,” said Story. “Colorado leads the nation in election security, and with the Colorado Election Security Act signed into law this year, we made sure our gold standard election system is even stronger. Every Coloradan should feel comfortable knowing their vote counts and their vote matters. The actions we took this session and the actions we will take going forward will ensure that.” “Our democratic process has been dangerously damaged by lies, and it is more important than ever to stand firm for the truth,” said Cutter. “The truth is that elections in Colorado are amongst the most secure in the nation, and we acted this year to further strengthen our system. Public trust is imperative for a high functioning democracy, so we will continue to pursue commonsense policy solutions so all Coloradans have access to voting and can exercise that right without fear.” "When we passed the Colorado Election Security Act, we took critical steps to defend our elections from those using their positions to undermine and dismantle our free and fair election system," said Titone. "Colorado's voter access and election security are top-tier, and we're pleased to say people who tamper with election equipment or break the laws surrounding elections will be held accountable for their undemocratic actions." This year, Colorado Democrats passed the Colorado Election Security Act, which improves election security by, among other measures, prohibiting anyone from serving as an election official if they have been convicted of any election offense or any offense or conspiracy to commit sedition, insurrection, treason, or conspiracy to overthrow the government. The Colorado Election Security Act further secures Colorado’s gold standard elections by improving training for clerks and election workers, and penalizes anyone who interferes with or obstructs the notification of a potential violation, or retaliates against someone providing notice. The law also prohibits accessing electronic equipment or a reporting system without authorization, makes knowingly publishing passwords or other confidential information a class 5 felony, and directs the Colorado District and Supreme Courts to expedite scheduling and issuance of final rulings of any orders in connection with a violation of election code.

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