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Colorado, other states confront medical debt that’s bankrupting millions

Colorado Sun Article

I'm working on a bill that aims to address water quality at mobile home parks, the issue has been in the news a lot recently.

Mobile home park residents across Colorado — and the rest of the nation — have consistently ranked water quality issues as one of the enduring problems in America’s last bastion of unsubsidized affordable housing. Residents say it’s been known for decades — the discolored, odorous water that pours from their taps. These concerns prompted Reps Boesenecker and Valesco to bring a bill this session that would establish for the first time a statewide water quality testing program across the more than 700 mobile home parks that dot the Centennial State. I'm thrilled to join them as the Senate prime sponsor. HB23-1257, dubbed the Mobile Home Park Water Quality bill, would also create a grant program to help park owners and local governments address water quality issues and task regulators with developing an action plan to improve water quality.


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