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Rep. Tim Leonard compares Women's March participants to Hitler's brownshirts

July 18, 2018, LITTLETON, Colo. – Last week in a Facebook post, my opponent, the current state representative in House District 25, compared Women’s March participants to Hitler’s brownshirts – the Nazi stormtroopers, a militia that supported Adolf Hitler in terrorizing opponents of the Third Reich.

Tim Leonard calls marchers insane and incoherent “radicals” for daring to participate in our democracy and exercising our right to voice our concerns. Millions of women have joined Women’s Marches around the country, yet Leonard has concluded that we have “nothing to offer to any logical discussion of ideas.”

These outrageous remarks are inexcusable. Mr. Leonard is a public servant representing the many women in his district who proudly marched with their neighbors, their husbands, their daughters and their mothers. It is shocking and unbelievable that he not only disregards but also deeply insults women advocating for themselves and their daughters. I believe that standing up for your beliefs through peaceful demonstration is the highest form of democracy.

Mr. Leonard is the opposite of what we need in this time of contentious political discourse. Disagreement is fine, but disrespect is unacceptable. I am running for this seat because I believe the people in Jefferson County and House District 25 deserve better than an extremist who disregards and insults his constituents, the people he serves.

On every issue, I am committed to listening and talking to people in this district as well as the experts to thoughtfully conceive my positions to serve my constituents. I can, and will, create the relationships necessary to get things done. Leaders should inspire us to be the very best we can be. That's what guides my campaign and will guide me as a legislator in the Colorado House of Representatives.

I am proud to be an organizer of the Women’s March in Denver and a board member for March on Colorado. I will always stand up for a just and equitable society.