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​​JOINT RELEASE: Jeffco Legislators Celebrate $750 Colorado Cashback Checks for Colorado Families

Coloradans can expect to receive immediate relief checks starting in August to help offset the cost of basic needs

JEFFERSON COUNTY, CO – Jefferson County legislators, including Senators Tammy Story, D-Conifer, Jessie Danielson, D-Wheat Ridge, and Representative Lisa Cutter, D-Littleton, are celebrating the initial arrival of Colorado Cashback refund checks in Coloradans’ mailboxes to help families afford basic necessities, like gas, groceries, and rent.

This year, Colorado Democrats passed SB22-233 to ensure tax refund checks are distributed more equitably to Coloradans and to provide relief to those who need it most by speeding up the timeline for refund checks to be delivered to taxpayers. Under the new law, Coloradans who filed their taxes by June 31, 2021 will receive $750 for individuals and $1,500 for joint filers.

“It’s no secret that the last few years have been challenging for many families between the pandemic, rising housing prices, environmental catastrophes and more,” said Story. “Coloradans – especially those in marginalized communities – are feeling financially strained, which is why we’re excited for these $750 checks to hit mailboxes this August. These refund checks will help folks afford their basic needs and help the hardest working Coloradans support themselves and their families.”

“Pandemic-induced inflation has made it harder for working families to stay afloat, and too many Coloradans are struggling to make ends meet,” said Cutter. “Normally, these checks would not be delivered for another year, but we know people need relief right now. That’s why Colorado Democrats worked hard this year to ensure folks can receive their refund checks earlier than usual. With the Colorado Cashback plan, we’re helping people get back on their feet after a rough few years.”

“When we kicked off this legislative session, we promised to make our state a more affordable and accessible place to live, and we’re continuing to deliver on that promise,” said Danielson. “We know families need immediate help, which is why these expedited refund checks will put more money directly into Coloradans’ wallets, helping to alleviate the financial burden folks have been experiencing and making it easier for them to get by.”

Colorado Democrats' state stimulus plan, fair tax reform, and responsible governance combined has led to a robust economic recovery and a record state surplus that is being returned to taxpayers via this tax rebate, in addition to existing refund mechanisms, including the senior homestead exemption and a temporary reduction in the state income tax rate.

The expedited tax relief provided by SB22-233 will add to the savings from the comprehensive tax reform legislation and property tax relief passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Polis last year that is already putting money back into Coloradans’ pockets. By repealing tax loopholes for large corporations and millionaires and reducing property tax assessment rates, Democrats have secured hundreds of millions of dollars in economic assistance and tax relief for hard working Coloradans, seniors, and small businesses.

Coloradans who filed their taxes by June 30, 2022, can expect to receive their Colorado Cashback check in the mail beginning this August. Extended filers with a deadline of October 17, 2022 will receive their refund by January 31, 2023. For any questions related to the Colorado Cashback, please refer to

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