Three Weeks in and Still Going

We are three weeks into the legislative session and things are heating up at the Capitol.

In the Education committee, I was particularly excited about HB 19-1005, sponsored by Representatives Buckner and Wilson. This bill provides a tax credit for early childhood educators. This tax credit would build self-sufficiency among the early childhood workforce and add stability to the $1.4 billion early care and education industry in Colorado. Supporting this industry has spillover effects; for each new child care job created, more than 1.5 additional jobs are created in the Colorado economy. This tax credit was pioneered in Louisiana and Nebraska, and resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of credentialed educators.

In the Public Health Care and Human Services committee, Representatives Kraft-Tharp and Landgraf brought a bill on behavioral health advance directives. Testimony for this bill was moving. Seeing people come and connect their personal stories to legislation I'm supporting makes me feel like I'm making a difference for Coloradans. That's really rewarding and reminds me why I became a legislator. 

Warm regards,

Representative Lisa Cutter