Legislation in Action

This week we’ve seen some lively debate on a number of issues, though not all of it has taken place in my committees. Democracy at work! As a legislative body, we will be making decisions on issues that you may feel strongly about. These issues can be complex and confusing — be sure to look at all sides of every issue and refer to multiple sources for information so you can be as informed as possible. You can always find bill information here, and contact our office if you have questions about exactly what the proposed legislation will mean to you. 

On Wednesday, Governor Polis came to our early morning Joint Education Committee meeting to brief us on his plan for full-day kindergarten. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to learn more about his plan and my colleagues and I so appreciate the Governor taking the time to address our committee. Kindergarten was such a critical and formative experience for my three children, and I am excited that the Governor is working to ensure all Colorado children receive this benefit.

On Monday, the House passed the Encourage Use Of Xeriscape In Common Areas Bill. I love this bill- it prevents individual property owners and community governing boards from prohibiting the use of Xeriscape or drought-resistant landscaping in common areas. We need to do anything possible to encourage people to plant vegetation that eliminates the need for supplemental water or irrigation. 

On Wednesday night, my colleagues on the Health and Insurance Committee were in the Capitol past midnight, hearing the Youth Wellness Act and the Local Governments May Regulate Nicotine Products Bill. Kudos to my colleagues who listened to difficult and sometimes offensive testimony with grace.

Today was Military Appreciation Day at the legislature. Senator Story and I were honored to introduce a group of veterans from Lockheed Martin Space. We gave a standing ovation for all the Colorado men and women serving in our nation's military!

That's it for this week! I hope ya'll have a great weekend.

Warm Regards,

Representative Lisa Cutter

Where to find me: This Saturday, I will attend the Teaching Media Literacy event at CU Boulder. I can't wait to visit my alma mater- and I'm looking forward to discussing my media literacy bill with the community.