Introducing the Newsletter

2018 has certainly been a wild ride! Thank you for your unflagging support. I am excited to be your newly elected representative, and I will strive to represent this community in the best way possible.

I am thrilled to have been assigned to the Education Committee and to the Public Health Care and Human Services Committee. I can’t wait to get started on these committees and make positive changes for District 25.

Friday marked the opening of the 2019 legislative session. You are always welcome at YOUR Capitol, observing proceedings or testifying on issues important to you. You can check out the legislature’s official schedule here, and look for tips on participating in democracy in future newsletters.

I am committed to keeping you updated on what I’m working on at the Capitol, so I will be sending a newsletter weekly to update you on my work, legislative developments, and opportunities for you to get involved. You may subscribe to this newsletter here, or check it out here on the blog.

I’ve loved Colorado and wanted to contribute to this state in a deeper way for as long as I can remember. I hope you remain by my side on this journey -- visiting the capitol and reaching out with your questions and concerns.

Here’s to a positive and productive 2019 for Colorado and for each of you.

Warm regards,

Lisa Cutter